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newsflash: We will be (are in the progress of) changing our name (and organization) to GO(E)D - Group Of (Ex-) Debuggers. 'goed' Is also Dutch for 'good', because we need to be able to make a lot of puns.

GAOSU is a Group of Alternative Operating System Users, currently located in Brussels, Belgium. More information about GAOSU as an organisation can be found on the GAOSU:About page


Upcoming Event

We are collecting old but internet-worthy computers! After a thorough wipe of all data, and the installation of edubuntu, the machines will be taken to Hungary where they will be used for educational purposes.

Note: This is (are) the nearest upcoming event(s), for a more complete GAOSU planning, see GAOSU:Current_events.


#goed on is the around-the-clock IRC channel for realtime communication. If you don't have an IRC client, use web chat.

Some general guidelines if you are new to IRC:

  • State your problem immediately and wait for a response. Don't ask "is there anyone here" or "can someone help me". This is normal IRC etiquette and allows participants to multitask effectively.
  • Expect to wait for some time for an initial response, especially in off-peak times. Despite this, out of courtesy for the volunteer who is helping you, try to answer their questions promptly.

If you don't get an answer, this could mean one of a number of things:

  • Nobody was around at the time of day you chose. If the channel is generally quiet, come back later.
  • You're asking a question which nobody knows the answer to, or which requires a lot of work to answer.

Wiki Accounts

Currently, GAOSU is still in the progress of being erected. As work progresses, we will integrate LDAP with the user accounts on this website. Meanwhile, if you want to contribute, contact webmaster at gaosu.

We are still looking for a GAOSU logo, if you feel like you can design something cool, please let us know! Meanwhile, we use the Einstein-Tux by le_fra that we found on

Some proposals have been made:

  • Manneken Tux, a pinguin version of Manneken Pis, as a mixture for our FOSS goals and our location
  • Tux in a white silk dress (See Chinese interpretations of gao su.)
  • ...

About the name:

The GAOSU acronym has been used for quite a long time now, and we do not remember who came up first with it. However, coincidentally or not, gao su makes sense in Chinese, and it can mean one of the following things (from

  • 告诉: to tell, to inform, to let know
  • 高速: high speed, fast, quick
  • 缟素: white silk dress

Chinese differentiate between these sounds by using tones. We rather like the first two interpretations -- the last one is somewhat irrelevant. ;-)


Note that if you are not on the same intranet network as the GAOSU server, you might be beter off using the Belnet mirrors, as we share the same uplink. This is also the reason why our mirrors are not always listed in the official mirrors lists some projects provide. However, if you would like to have your project mirrorred by use, do not hesitate to ask, and send a mail to webmaster at gaosu.

Some mirrors have multiple URLs listed, these are pure aliases for general convenience. (cygwin ftp area) (cygwin packages)
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