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GAOSU is a Group of Alternative Operating Systems Users, currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Currently, it is a small sister organisation of Infogroep, the student society of computer science students at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). The main goal of GAOSU is to take over most of the free and open source activities from Infogroep, as a means to separate concerns. Close collaboration is very important to us of course, and remains a long term goal as GAOSU (hopefully) gains more traction and broadens its horizons.

Recently, random hacks of kindness came to our attention. This seems to be a nice project for GAOSU to get involved with.

About the name

The GAOSU acronym has been used for quite a long time now, and we do not remember who came up first with it. However, coincidentally or not, gao su makes sense in Chinese, and it can mean one of the following things (from

  • 告诉: to tell, to inform, to let know
  • 高速: high speed, fast, quick
  • 缟素: white silk dress

Chinese differentiate between these sounds by using tones. We rather like the first two interpretations -- the last one is somewhat irrelevant. ;-)

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